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About Us

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About Our Company

Innovative Solutions, Enduring Partnerships.

With the core foundation of our company, we AL MUSTAWDAT COMPANY remain true to our belief that success will depend on how we genuinely do our business. We foster a skill set of competence of our company’s team and implement transparency, integrity and accuracy in all aspects.

Who we are

A Foundation of Trust, Leading the Future

Beyond the tight competition, growing demand and strict standard in the market, we take priority in developing and providing innovative product list with the newest and latest technology. Our company is engaged in trading various products such as: steel, aluminum, kitchen furniture materials, agricultural fertilizers, feeds, electronic devices and home appliances and spare parts.

Your Reliable Partner in Progress

Our Key Principles

Transforming Visions into Reality.

Serve the market with integrity, honesty and excellent compliance. Guaranteed product solutions and transparent service to accomplish the best end-results.

Bring to market product line range with exceptional quality, reliability, and high efficacy. Increase quality standards and service improvement, achieving on-time delivery success and after-sales service experience.

Superiority - Strive for excellence in every aspect of our service. Flexibility - A diversified company ready to meet the vast needs of the market. Holistic - To treat fairly and equally our customers, clients, business partners and employees. Growth-oriented - Constant development and strategic plan improvement to attain high success rate and company growth.